AIVIA 200 – Outdoor AED wall cabinet


AIVIA 200: Outdoor cabinet with unlocked cabinet door, audible and visual alarm, heater, fan and natural ventilation automatically activated via a temperature sensor, 24 volt power supply, flashing white LED activated by the luminosity sensor in low light conditions and customizable label.


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Designed for indoor and outdoor use, the AIVIA®200 is equipped with a heater, fan and natural ventilation  and audible and visual alarme used for public access. This AED wall cabinet is suitable for storing any brand of AED.

This model has enabled a large scale deployment of AEDs in many different outdoor locations such as streets, parking lots, golf courses, touristic locations, amusement parks, campus, sport facilities, pharmacies, communities, town halls’ exteriors… which makes this AIVIA model very popular and attractive.

Robust and lightweight, the modern design of this model is composed of a red ABS chassis and a clear anti-UV polycarbonate cover. These materials are well known in many industries for their shock resistant properties. The AIVIA 200 is rated IK10 which proves it is an efficient protection against external mechanical impacts.


Controlled heating and fan systems are activated through a temperature sensor and configured thresholds. The heating allows the AED unit to be maintained at above freezing temperatures and protected in extreme conditions, down to -4 °F (-20 °C).
The fan system enables the heat to be extracted from the AED compartment in warmer climates up.
A visual alarm signals anomalies such as out of range temperatures using flashing red LEDs.

The AIVIA 200 is in intended for public access and protected by safety seals. The AED is thus freely available to by-standers in case of an emergency.

Removing the AED from the cabinet will immediately trigger a visual alarm with flashing red LEDs as well as an audible alarm (90dB).

In low ambient light conditions a luminosity sensor automatically activates flashing white LEDs to help identify the location of the AIVIA 200.

The power supply (24 Volt DC low voltage) is safe and allows the operation of the heater and fan systems. With these features as well as its intelligent design, the AIVIA 200 is suitable for outdoor applications. It is weatherproof, providing efficient protection against dust, rain, cold, rust, heat, humidity and condensation.

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The front label clearly shows the chain of survival in the case of a sudden cardiac arrest and instructions on how to use the AIVIA 200.

The AED symbol is displayed on the front cover and on both sides of the cabinet, an AED symbol (heart broken by an electric spark) also identifies the cabinet as a vital emergency lifesaving device.


The customizable front label provides the option to add a logo and additional information for a greater visual impact and compliance with customers’ requirements.

AED CABINET AIVIA 200 details 1

AED CABINET AIVIA 200 details 2

Light level sensor
for automatic day/night lighting.
Red and white LEDs.

AED CABINET AIVIA 200 details 3

AED CABINET AIVIA 200 details 4

Wall mount holes 5/16’’ (8 mm).
Security seals.