About HD1PY


HD1PY: a US company based in Tampa

HD1PY is a US company based in Tampa (FL), specialized in manufacturing and distributing the AIVIA cabinets in North and South America.


AIVIA is a complete range of protective wall cabinets for Automated External Defibrillators (AED), designed for the Protection and Monitoring of these medical devices as part of a public access program.

Several models and configurations make up the AIVIA product line. The HD1PY team helps to optimize AED programs and is qualififed to advise anyone on a suitable AED cabinet. HD1PY’s goal is to offer the right defibrillator deployment solution according to the needs expressed by the entities willing to be equipped efficiently.

After gaining 9 years of valuable and successful experience dealing with indoor/outdoor conditions and being among the world leading manufacturers in this field, HD1PY offers its expertise in response to all requirements related to the deployment of public access AEDs.

HD1PY Team